Reflection: This Land Doesn’t Belong To Us

This land doesn't belong to us. This land belongs to seven generations down the road. I pray that the water that we drink,  | the water that we swim in, will be there for our great great great grandchildren. As well as all over the world. I pray that the land that we walk on, the trees that we enjoy, will be there for our generations to come. These things, they all come together with health. Health of humans. Health of the animals. And health...

An Epidemic of Loneliness?

“Loneliness is not just something for individual Canadians to solve on their own” says Susan Pinker, psychologist and author of The Village Effect, a book about how face-to-face communication is linked to good health, longevity and happiness. “It’s a public health problem that has to be addressed in the way our cities are designed, the way our educational systems are run, the way our health care is considered and managed, and how we...

Leadership For A Time of Constant Change

A key challenge in today’s world of constant change is to realize that traditional leadership concepts and methods, while appropriate for current projects, are often counter-productive to the kind of transformational capacity building | that will be necessary for the future vitality of communities. 21st century leadership will require more than just shifting from tasks to processes, or from linear thinking to systemic thinking. It will...

Revolutionary Times

I believe these revolutionary times call for revolutionary thinking. And yet it often seems that we are entering this revolutionary age with ideas, leaders and institutions that are better suited for a world that no longer exists.         -- Joshua Cooper Ramo   |


"Knowledge builds on the past and has its place. Wisdom is beyond time. It’s the direct perception of reality as it is. And in this direct seeing of what is lies the potential of transformation—a transformation that is not merely a redecoration of the past but a transformation of humanity that embodies the eternally new.”  -- H.E. Davey |

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