A Key Ingredient for Any Successful Plan

Remember when we used to do five and even ten year master and/or strategic plans? Hard to believe but at one point in their history, the Niagara Parks Commission even had a 100 year masterplan. Personally, I struggle to plan meals more than one day out so even five years sounds daunting.

Regardless, it does seem some of the best recent planning results are those that reflect a clear sense of values. In large part, it appears those values can keep us from spinning as we try to determine priorities, as well as become important filters for ensuring impactful decision making.

For example, applying values to guide my own meal planning efforts resulted in me getting clear about two. Keeping it healthy is a key value I work to implement. That means ignoring days that seem to demand not-so-healthy comfort food, and instead, creating a creative salad option. Family is another key value so, as a result, we now have a standing Thursday dinner date with two of our sons.

Our Values Here at Collaboration Associates

Thinking about values has also been key strategy as our new social enterprise emerged. Collaboration Associates is a partnership that has joined Brenda Herchmer from Campus for Communities and Dianne Clark from Trendspire. It was essential that the collaboration have a strong foundation of shared values.


Articulating organizational values is especially important because today’s uncertainty and ambiguity requires planning and decision-making that acknowledges our current systems may not be working. Working across disciplines and sectors to develop new systems and structures, new economies, and new ways of being together to mobilize transformative change also needs to be driven by values.

Do you share our values?

If the values of Collaboration Associates shown here resonate with you, it’s likely we share values as proactive, early adopting, future-focused organizations. If you are already prioritizing activities related to these, or want to be better aligned, consider signing up to become part of our emerging collaboration cohort at this link. 

Not Sure About Your Organizational Values?

If you haven’t already thought about your own organizational values, this worksheet is an excellent place to begin.

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