Ready to Explore a Different Future?

It’s safe to say uncertainty is an accurate description of our current reality. The challenges we’re facing in addressing the weaknesses exposed by Covid-19 are unprecedented. For sure, it takes courage to try something different. Especially when we’re tired. It seems so much easier to exploit what we know instead of exploring new strategies for the future. Ironically though, research suggests that explorers have an advantage over...

Can the Big Picture Make Things Simpler?

Like many others these days, the complexity of the world we live in is wearing me down and I find myself craving simplicity. But, what if instead, the big picture actually made things clearer? When seeing the Earth from afar for the first time, many astronauts described a cognitive shift in their awareness. Now called the Overview Effect, their experience of seeing the reality of Earth suspended in space with national borders no longer visible,...

Leadership as a Tango?

We all need to think ourselves as a leader because, contrary to what most people think, a formal title doesn't make you a leader. It is instead much more about one's traits and actions. However, in this article by Sharna Fabiano for Enlivening Edge Magazine explores the idea of leadership vs followship and suggests that if everyone is going to lead, then everyone must be able to follow. The article explains why leadership is like a tango.

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