Ready to Explore a Different Future?

It’s safe to say uncertainty is an accurate description of our current reality. The challenges we’re facing in addressing the weaknesses exposed by Covid-19 are unprecedented. For sure, it takes courage to try something different. Especially when we’re tired. It seems so much easier to exploit what we know instead of exploring new strategies for the future.

Ironically though, research suggests that explorers have an advantage over exploiters during tough, uncertain times. A willingness to explore can also open up incredible opportunities for individuals and organizations willing to think different.

Here’s four strategies for consideration that might be new:

  1. Make collaboration across sectors a priority.
  2. Network with others doing or funding work that is similar to yours.
  3. Whenever possible, seek opportunities for incorporating community-led development, strategic foresight, systems-thinking, and digital optimization.
  4. Work with stakeholders within and outside of your organization to articulate priorities as explorers willing to think different.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Watch this video.


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